Friday, September 29, 2006

v0.001 Alpha Release Nears

Ok, so I told you there was going to be big news.
The Pre-Alpha v0.001 of Eradicator 2 is going to be released here in the next week or so, and already it's shaping up to look good. It comes with a single-player and a multi-player package, as well as a couple of weapons and other stuff.
I'm going to post some screenshots soon but be prepared to get a small sample of the next-big thing! Music in the game is provided by Avenpitch and The Headache.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Developers United

Yeah, it's finally done -- Developers United is back up again. Nobody knows how excited I am for them -- this is huge news! Finally, everyone's together and working. Except for me. ;) Not really, I'm just taking a small break. Became a part of the management team at my day-job so taking time off from E2 is crucial.
You can find DevUnited's stuff on the sidebar.


You know, this isn't really a game post, but I decided to talk here anyways.
It says, back when I created this account, in my profile, that I liked to drink and all this shit...after being out of HS for a long time I was able to look back on it and realize how stupid it all was. Yeah, so this is saying I won't chill every once in awhile for alcohol (yeah, Budweiser seems to be an office favorite atm, and I don't drink beer) but I can't have too much because of my health (what it did to me). Smoking seems to be Andrew's thing but I can't do too much of that either, and now I have people accusing me of using Meth (because of my health conditions I scratch everywhere); I have people telling me that I'm just skin and bones (I also have that eating disorder...:/). Ugh, just shut the fuck up everyone. Let me live in PEACE. Jeeze. It isn't that hard.
Oh yeah, and Serious Sam II simply fucking ROCKS. I've been playing it for 3 hours straight (after I got through cleaning my damn apartment) and I love it! I was a huge fan of FE and SE so this one was simply stunning! Seeing as it also runs really well with my GeForce FX5900 (BFGTech) makes me want to...nevermind, you can't hear this stuff. :D Not everyone's PC in the office is capable of Sam II so we're defaulting back to the coop favorite, Serious Sam: SE. That one is always fun.
Also, here to announce that Jimmy Stager (Isotope Studios) has officially joined forces with me and my design team on Eradicator 2 (making him part of 3dfx! YAY!) and in turn, will redirect our forces to work on tBGoAT and DevUnited's project.
That's all I have. Adios.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Load of Updates!

I hope everyone's feeling good. I took some time off of the project to get a little R&R and sort out my day-job stuff. I'm feeling a lot better now, so here are some updates. Some may suprise you, others may just...annoy you. It's just part of the norm here @ 3dfx Development. Some people may even think I'm just spitting b.s. out of my mouth, but every word of it is'll see here soon enough. I know E2's been through development hell (all of our titles have, duh!) but it will soon come together. Also, I'm here to introduce another Blogger, Andrew Grimmer, who works with his team (Developers United) in Visalia, CA. He'll be posting here soon enough with his own work.

We've switched again, but this time we're able to take all of our work that we've previously done with Unreal with us: FPS Creator, a highly publicized program for video game creation. The Assistant Designer recently bought a copy of this program to test it out and our whole crew loves it!
Also, we were able to import all of our models and artwork previously created with Unreal with the FPS Creator Character Studio, and all we have to do is give them animations (well...among other...more complex stuff).

Using this software, we're able to code, model, design, level-design, and everything else associated with a game in the same program! Of course, we're still not going to abandon the Unreal counterpart yet because we're not sure if we want to make this permanent.

I was really hesitant to switch, because with my girlfriend buying me that 70 dollar book on UnrealScript really strained her budget. I am not going to stop learning how to program with it because it may come in handy later in our other titles. I figured that since we're starting small we should start with something equally as small. We're pretty excited.

UPDATE 2: BloodShot Officially Signs with 3dfx Development, Inc!

This is kinda old news, but my uncle, Tim Denver, plays for the band Bloodshot. Whether they're still in existence is questionable, but he gave me any rights I wanted to their music. So, along with Avenpitch, The Headache, Troubled Minority, and music from my artist Nima, that makes a solid lineup for our game demo (which we want out by the end of this year, pray to God).
Their music CD, which debuted in 2002, was an underground hit, but you can still buy their CD. Their music is also going to be featured in a compilation CD along with the other music for Eradicator 2.

Okay, this one isn't really a suprise, but Alex's brother, Andrew Grimmer, has brought back Developers United with a new game title already under development for FPS Creator. The game, he says, is to have a fusion between espionage style gameplay and feriosious FPS combat. His team respectfully asked us not to post anything else about their game but to let everyone know that it's finished on paper and in development. We can't wait to see their progress! For everyone to know, Developers United (then DevUnited) was established by FPI in 2003 for a game called Shadowcaster (no relation to Raven's Shadowcaster). After the team was disbanded later in 2005, the Shadowcaster project was cancelled by FPI and then was acquired by everyone's favorite crazy dev team, 3dfx Development! While we share nothing else with this "new team", be sure to hear from them regarding their current title!

With that, the updates are complete, but be sure to check back often for more Eradicator 2 Updates!

Also, I have fixed the REU.rar release by actually including the Wad file in the RAR. It is now "playable". Sorry for the inconvienence in downloading a 7MB trash file.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Not much since the last update

Not much to post since the last update. Work is going okay, nothing big. Most of my time was spent trying to get my cohort's PC up to date (his PC didn't even come with drivers!).
Other words, I completely was successful in setting up Windows Vista RC1 Ultimate Edition! This OS rocks the socks off of Windows XP, so if you get a chance to either upgrade or install on a new hard drive/partition, do so now! The Customer Preview Program (CPP) is finally open so go before it closes and get your damn Windows Vista version Activated!
Also, a special section is dedicated to my beloved Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, who just passed unexpectadly while Vista was being installed. I will never forget the times we shared together, and will do my best to forget the times where I neglected you for Windows 95. This Windows OS, while not the original OS I bought, has survived EVERY incarnation of upgrading I've done. From Windows 95 to Windows XP, I have kept this little OS-that-was for those tough times where DosBox wouldn't cut it. Playing Crystal Caves or Duke Nukem II, or even Monster Bash on Win 3.11 was just priceless. Farewell, 3.11!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Not much has been happening over here at 3dfx Development as of late. My monitor exploded, if that's exciting news. We're just going over a lot of our stuff right now, no physical work is being done. We're wondering if we want to redo the design again or switch to another engine. As fun as Unrealscript is, if I'm the only one taking time to learn it, what good does it do? I'm not a programmer at heart, either.
Other news includes us having a deal (non-exclusive, though) with a Minnesota-based band called Avenpitch. They're real good with videogame-type music. They agreed to work on not only music, but Sound Effects as neccesary. While the release date for E2 is still a long ways off, this may rejuvinate some of your doubts you may be having.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eradicator 2 (E2) Concept Art

Yeah, I've been hearing stories, again, that we're not for real and we're "fake". I decided to release some concept art. Some of this art was recycled from our previous attempt (you know which one I'm talking about), but several pieces are new.
These artwork come courtesty of our two main artists, Melinda and Anita. Here's some artwork for you guys, and hopefully, I can show you more as we make progress. This is just to show you that we are working on the game. Hell, I might actually release some BUILD-E2 screenshots.
Here you go..

Main Character Demon Goddess

Saturday, September 02, 2006

REU Failures...

I have been notified that certain people are having problems installing REU with Doom 2.
All you have to do is "drag and drop" the REU wadfile onto the gledgeX.exe executable, or you can alternatively create a shortcut and have EDGE link to the wadfile.
The link to the EDGE site, if you are having problems, is at
I apparently had a problem with my PC as I began installing Windows Vista Pre-RC1...I'm kind of disgusted. I'm currently waiting for the RC1 build to begin appearing on Microsoft's site, so I guess I will continue waiting anyways.
Also, I have given the official company status report, on all employees or contributers [for 3dfx Development], and I will list them here:

Corbin Mathews - Lead Designer, Co-Founder (3dfx Development)
Brendan Doe - Lead Designer, Co-Founder (3dfx Development)
Jimmy Stager - Lead Designer, Founder (Isotope Studios)
Alex Seegar - Lead Designer, Co-Founder (Developers United) (current status debated)
Andrew Grimmer - Assistant Designer, Level Designer (current status debated)
Mick Hilvers - Assistant Designer (3dfx Development)
Melinda DeLeon - Art Director (3dfx Development)
Nima Naghibi - Lead Musician
Anita Posca - Lead Artist (3dfx Development)
David Quintana - Lead Level Design
Chris (ctd) - Web Development

We're currently looking for people with Talent!
Positions Available: Programmer; UnrealTech Coder; 3d Modeller; Game Designer. Qualifications and base pay will be found here in future blogs.

PS: I also want to tell you about Chris' FireFox extension.
Taken from his web site, where you can also download the extension :
"I have created a Firefox extension that submits the tracks you play at to"
Apparently, it's growing like wildfire and interesting to use if you browse the internet with Mozilla's FireFox Browser. If not, then you cannot use this extension. Sorry fellow IE users!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Releases and more Releases!

Welcome back to the main site...
Well, it seems that I've managed to upload two test versions of modifications for the hit game by iD software, DooM II. One of them is called "Resident Evil Unleashed: Fusion" and the other is called "Smiley Head's Safari: Episode II - A New Nope". Installation instructions are available via their appropriate posts in the SMF boards.
I've delved a bit deeper into UnrealScript, but man, it's hard stuff. Yeah, we're using the Unreal tech, but it's just HARD. I've heard rumors that we're going to switch to the Quake 3 engine. I'm not confirming or denying that. If Unreal proves too difficult or the licensing far too much, we're going with a standardized engine. Possibly Quake 3, maybe not. It depends on how my programmers feel.
So, with that, enjoy those two releases of the Doom mods; first content I've released on my own in a long time. The source ports are located in the RAR files; EDGE for Fusion and your own source port for A New Nope.
Have fun and keep checking back for more updates!
SIDE NOTE: I've also added another message board,, for all you RPG fantasy nutcases. However, the Official 3dfx Development board can be found to the link to your right.
Have fun guys!