Friday, April 21, 2006

The Forever (Never)Ending Cycle

In a recent buzz, it seems that we're thinking about moving to the Unreal engine of technologies. The BUILD engine, although quite easy and flexible, just isn't giving us the edge we need. Eradicator II, our latest product, has undergone so many revisions, and now that the design is being started and the leveling is becoming more second-hand, the current state of the game just isn't suited for BUILD. While not official (yet), we're strongly thinking about moving engines, because, after toying with the BUILD editor (the level designers, I mean), the UnrealEd (program name) was like taking candy from an ugly baby = easy. I'm moving to another city which means my current design team will have to take most of the heat (our current office remains, but I won't be there much). In retaliation, I have taken the opportunity to make the most out of my Clearw*re service, so we can have teleconferencing across the 'Net.
Capitol One keeps bugging us about joining their Business Credit Line but we don't want to! We have Experian already crawling up our asses and some dude sent us a pen with our names engraved on them!
So anyways, we'll see as the game progresses. Sigh, the reason why we don't want to use BUILD anymore is because it's becoming more of an action-RPG (unlike Daikatana 2, which was just ALL RPG), sort of like Deus Ex (the current office-rave is that game -- we're all hooked).
On a more serious note, our team in Bakersfield (3dfx Architectural Design) is lagging -- bad. I don't know if it's misscommunication because of the city-difference, but we sure don't want to lose them (bunch of talented people).
Anyways, I'm out!
President, 3dfx Development