Monday, December 24, 2007

Server Issues and other stuff

It's almost done, but for some reason when we begin to transfer things over the connection quits out so the guys at Yerblog have to write some workarounds, or call the big boys out (Cpanel).

In response to the comment posted earlier, we have always been working on this issue. The Inc. was established awhile ago when we became 3dfx Development, when we assumed we would move straight to that (actually becoming incorporated). In the day, First-Person Interactive, LLC., did exist but ran out in 2006 (it dissolved). We could either renew that or start this up. The Inc. was just tagged in the very beginning because we ran off of assumptions. The managing guys looked at it and are going to change it for the new year (2008). Thanks for the anonymous guy (prolly Cheap) who let us know about that. Was never our intention to fraud anything, so we'll be reviewing and changing what we need.

So yay for that. And yay for some other stuff that's going to be revealed once our server comes up

Monday, December 17, 2007

Definition of a "Company"

Generally, a company is a form of business organization. In the legal field, a company is specifically "a corporation -- or, less commonly, an association, partnership, or union -- that carries on a commercial or industrial enterprise."[1] Generally, a company may be a "corporation, partnership, association, joint-stock company, trust, fund, or organized group of persons, whether incoporated or not, and (in an official capacity) any receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, or similar official, or liquidating agent, for any of the foregoing.

So for all of you who don't think that we're a company, guess again.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Video Playback

Is almost working. I'm not sure if I want to carry it into the PC release though.
Well the site should be coming back online here very soon. We're finally transferring all of the stuff over, so yay. Should be here in about a week or two.

Other than that, I took a look at the 1.31 vs 1.29 code and am trying to write workarounds to the newer features that Fusion uses for 1.31, for 1.29, if that's not too complicated. Takes too much video ram to render models and mirrors :/

Friday, December 14, 2007


I just put two and two together:

linlinlol+leileilol = Cheapalert, he has two online persona's, apparently one is a guy and one is a girl. But he is a he, this is weird. Whereas with my condition I am the same person (just use persona's for legal reasons), he thinks he is literally two people, but it is painfully obvious when those two people are bashing our products in the same manner with no indistinguishable traits. Let me explain.

The character is half male/half female. That's interesting and this might fuel his hatred with me because he can't be comfortable with who he/she is; whereas I was able to just tell everyone and show it off, because if you aren't going to live your life and make the best of it to the world, what good does it do? He either feels he has to switch off between them or switches off between them to create some sort of acceptance for himself. With me, I don't give a shit or a damn who knows me or who doesn't (for who I am), this might bother him. He thinks I do it for publicity...well I do!! I refuse to live my life in a shell, no matter where it is. I want people to know me for who I am. Well, except my parents. I kind of avoid the subject with them but that's it.

This is the reason why I have to sign everything off as "Corbin" when it comes to this company because it's the legal name. Can't wait to change it.

Explains a lot.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TDGMods Interviews!

Coming soon are a couple of interviews from the TDGMods team, mostly discussing the general gameplay of Fusion and the hurdles they had to get through to come together as a team. They also discuss some of the methods they used for the graphic novel sequences and some Dreamcast stuff, as well as their thoughts on the current crop of games out today. You can find these interviews, once the main server is back online, at And yeah, I partake in the interviews. We didn't have very good recording equipment so the whole thing looks like it was filmed from the 80's...haha. Maybe I'll splice some of it together and upload it on Youtube eventually.

Also, I should point out that if you really need to get ahold of us while we switch servers, you can email me personally at, or you can mail the team at This will change once our server comes back up.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yep, it's almost here. The Dreamcast version of Fusion is being finalized, and although the PC version is well off, the DC version is getting special attention.

This is due to when the port was started. TDGMods contracted 1200V back when EDGE 1.29 was released, and now that EDGE has moved on to support a wide variety of newer features, it leaves the DC version in obscurity..or does it?

This was actually a good thing in our minds. Now, we have two completely different versions that use two different engine versions as well. For some reason it clicked in our heads that it'd be easier to manage that way. So instead of porting the model/mirror/etc code to the DC version, we'll be using the standard workarounds that will let us better adjust to the console. This also means that less strain will be put on it, due to EDGE becoming graphically more advanced. So, in the end, this turned out to be a very good thing.

As for the release dates for both, nothing is certain. While the core gameplay and storyline will be present in both versions, necessary tweaks, additions, and DC exclusive stuff will mean that you will get two different experiences on both platforms. So expect it here soon, folks. While a playable build won't be out for awhile, that will not stop us from releasing tiny alpha builds, which will hopefully garner enough interest for us to continue it.

So, hopefully things turn out good for TDGMods.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fusion update

Some interesting stuff about Fusion, that little mod that myself and some other guys are working on. Notice anything different?
Besides the gun, we've implemented the new HUD! To the far left is obviously the player stats (your character, your health count) and to the right is your weapon with the name below! It's pretty neat.

This project in particular has already gotten good preview-reviews. The people that have seen it and read the script said it's a really interesting way that we have brought all of these universes together, and the things we've done have made it seem less like Doom and more like it's basis, Max Payne.. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but if you're a fan of Max Payne or possibly Resident Evil, then you should really take a look at this game. I'm hoping to have a small demo out by the end of 2007 but that might change, like release dates always do. If you think the textures are cool they were done by our mates A-Spec Artworks, who are developing all of the textures for almost all of our projects.

Well, until next time, I just wanted to share this small update with you guys.
3dfx Development

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More troubles..

Lately we've been moving really slow with development lately. This wouldn't be because of lack of developers but a lack of general movement. When an idea gets presented people usually come up to me and are like, "Hey, that's a good idea" and we move on it. But so much focus and presentation goes into that one idea that somewhere, willpower gets lost along the way.

This has been a foremost problem in our projects. Mostly related to Daikatana II, where we had many great ideas but not enough people to flesh them out, so it mostly became just ideas, and with so much attention focused on them there wasn't much room to develop the "commonplace" for all games. With Psykotik, we instead focused on a single great idea and developed around it. While that game is still active the primary development members are currently battling "real life stuff", which is an unfortunate problem. I think we alleviated most of those problems when we regrouped, though.

Another thing I should mention is the restart of our mod team, TDG. Something I'm doing in my spare time when I just get burned out on Psykotik. We mostly work on mods for old-school games, such as DOOM or Duke Nukem 3d. While we won't gain any profit sometimes going back to basics reminds you of how far general design has come. While most first-person shooters are the same, tired old "find the key, open the door, press CTRL" formula, back when those puppies came out that's all we knew. So now, much more focus has been going into not repeating those mistakes, as the community nowadays likes to quote it. But as I said earlier, sometimes going back to basics can replenish your mind to be more open to all aspects of development, even the often-overlooked "dungeon-shooter". With Fusion, while not endorsed by the company, we can incorporate newer design ideas into an old formula to build upon what was already great. Of course, there is no commercial attention is it's really a love/hate thing.

So, we're still having server troubles, it will be back up in the meantime. Any email sent to the server might bounce back. Make sure to make back-ups just in case.
3dfx Development

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Server Crash

You all might have noticed that there's been a massive server crash that's been ongoing for almost a month. Someone got into the server and rooted it, so we've been helpless. We haven't shut down, nothing has stopped production, we've just been without server. The guys over at Yerblog should have it up and running here very soon. We apologize for any inconvienence this has caused. Hopefully we'll have some more stuff to show you when the server comes back online.

Until then, just be patient as we transfer everything over.
3Dfx Development

Friday, October 19, 2007

Status Update

Hi all,
I realize I've refrained from posting on this blogger for quite some time. A lot has happened with 3Dfx Development and our projects. To kickstart, let me copy+paste from our official wiki for the year 2007 (up until now):

2007 found a lot of new talent and newer faces blowing fresh air into the dusty brains of 3dfx, including the inclusion of newer writers and other experienced people. Developers United has survived on its own thus far and continues development on Chaos Factor, even brandishing newer talent themselves. 3dfx once again hit major turnpikes when their title, Splatterhouse, was shut down by Namco-Bandai six months into development. Instead of abandoning the project, it was rechristened Psykotik, and work continues, although it has slowed of late. Because of the legal action that was to be taken against 3dfx, several members (6 in total) left the Splatterhouse project to persue other things, which left a bad taste in all current members (as well as any new hires). Also, to cripple even further, the company's publisher, ATBT, closed its doors and sold itself to 3dfx Development, with Boyd and the rest of the team moving on to other things (and other states). 3dfx once again does not have any publishers or managers for their titles, but the team remains confident that they'll survive without upper management. The move affected both 3dfx and Developers United. Chaos Software is not returning for publishing, either. It's only been 4 months into the year, so hopefully more good news will come to those who wait. The teams are currently working on Psykotik and Chaos Factor, and it is also interesting to note that a project, name "1292", was in active development by ATBT for FPS Creator, but was also disbanded. The game became property of 3dfx Development when ATBT was bought out. In May, it was publicly announced that Keeper, the lead programmer for Psykotik, was accepted into the co-ownership of the company, bringing the ranks to 4 members. In his short time as co-owner, several people have been let go/hired (by either Corbin or by a collective vote), and as a result, a total overhaul of the company was in talks. A few months later, it was known that Boyd was once again interested in ATBT, so the rights were sold back to him under a contract that ATBT/3dfx will remain publisher/developer until the end, and it was agreed. ATBT's game, Project 69, is being developed by ATBT and another company, supervised by 3dfx. Andrew began an overhaul of his game, renaming it BHF and dedicating a lot of time to it, which surpised the other teams. During the Summer of 2007, Corbin became distant from the scene, often relying on his team members for content. Keeper began taking a more active role near the beginning of Summer, but this turned into a loose role due to time constraints. Corbin also became more nocturnal, which began raising questions around his duties performed. Because of lack of progress, 4 team members left 3Dfx, while a couple more were gained. Keeper also became more active in his technical role, shooting down ports that were starting to take off in the world, and Corbin began to realize that things were turning into what they should've always been: Order. During the middle half of Summer, Corbin also got back into the Doom modding scene, taking money that should be alloted for 3Dfx and using it for his side projects, and at the same time bringing back TDG in the process. ATBT is expected to refinance the ailing company once again to help them bring Psykotik mainstream, at no cost or expense to 3dfx or Developers United. The first half of the year has been hard, and they hope to hit back in full force near the beginning of Fall 2007.

So you can see the turmoil that was caused, that almost ended our development team! Do not worry, ongoing fans -- new stuff is coming soon.

Now I must sleep!
3Dfx Development, Inc.