Thursday, April 09, 2009


We've finally begun work on the TDGMods Drupal website, which will be a content-rich way of showing our stuff off. Not only will this be helpful, it will give us all of the features we liked the most about in the old ModDB site. It will also allow everyone to upload content of their own (little mods, articles, etc). It'll be an easy and fun way to keep up with the project (as well as your own), which means that this blog is on its way of being phased out. The site will take a month or so to get all up and going.

We've also made deals with several other websites on ad space (aimed at Hypertension) once the TDGMods site goes online so we're really confident that it'll take off really quick.

Of course, the main attraction of the TDGMods site will be HYPERTENSION, which we won't be forgetting. This way we can reveal cool pieces of information, like how we perform some of the video editing, creature creation, coding, among several other things. You'll be able to step inside of our world to see just exactly what it takes to do this - and on such antiquated tech at that. Lots of behind the scenes stuff!

I'm working really close with the developers on the Drupal site so hopefully we'll see some real progress as we get ready to release a small demo sometime in the near future. . .

Sunday, March 08, 2009


3dfx Development is largely taking a backseat to TDGMods at the moment. The only likely game to be released under the name is Hypertension, and that's even if it gets out this year.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

We're still alive

A lot of things have happened to the company and to the team in whole the last few months. Let me explain.

Things got a little crazy when we approached the Psykotik Tech Demo release and, with our programmer out of the scene for now, things were looking bleak. While he worked as hard as he could, a separate team of mine put together Revenge of the Streets, a fighting side-scrolling game. Things were going good until I started running into personal problems. The game was abandoned and I focused my efforts on Hypertension, an indie game I'm working on. Revenge is still on the to-do list of games in 2009, so keep that in mind.

During that time, 3dfx Development nearly died, with no activity next to vague reports on projects. I was becoming so engrossed in Hypertension that most of my team members quit outright, leaving very few people on the team. Once again, almost nearly abandoned, I turned to other things.

Now, the domain is expired. Does this mean the end of 3dfx Development? Not at all. I just need time to get things straight before the domain goes live again.

So what happened? What have I been working on other than Hypertension? Well. . .other than minor reports of a Quake 2-based learning session, a project that started almost 4 years ago has come back to my attention.

I was speaking to Brendan about it earlier and he was really enthusiastic and said it could have some interesting results. With most of the design already completed in 2005, we had leverage to change a lot of things. So I'm currently, in between Hypertension, rewriting this game specifically for a 3d engine. Keeper, our main programmer, is not involved in the project as he is still balancing school/Psykotik. So while he's doing that, we took it upon ourselves to begin looking for a team to start production. Unlike any other game we have worked on, this title was completed. Everything was finished, and production was to be started. That means we have over 100 pages of design material, sketches, notes, everything we needed. But, with team/company restructure in late 2005, the game was forgotten.

I'm here to re-announce E2 : Death in Transgression. A game that was truly ready for development, fleshed out and completely ready to go. While a lot of things about the game will need to be rewritten, the material is there. We are finally ready to finish this title. I will be looking for programmers here in the next couple of months and will find one. In the meantime, I will be working on Hypertension and working on understanding more of Quake 2's tech.

For now, I present this refined logo. Some of it might look familiar, as the original game was always heavily influenced by both Eradicator and Marathon.