Friday, October 27, 2006

Some confusion?

I got an email today from a user who complained that,

"There's no fucking way anyone can understand what you guys are or what you guys do. You guys say that you make games. How on Earth can you make more than one at a time? And business applications? I haven't seen any at all! What a load of crap! I suppose that you guys are still making Daikatana 2?? And Eradicator, while it sounds like a good concept isnt going to get you anywhere or be revolutionary at all. what it comes down to is that you guys are a bunch of stupid assholes who like taking credit for things that arent yours. 3dfx? i mean come on! what the hell kind of insult is that! what a load of crap. Good day."

If I say it once I say it a billion times: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all! I've gotten this kind of shit before in the past, but if you don't like the way we do things then don't bitch, and certainly don't insult any of us. We're doing this because we love to do it, there's nothing much more than that. You wonder where half of our time goes -- to fuckfaces like this! I mean, we keep you guys in the loop as much as we can but that's just absolutely uncalled for. Sure, he sounds like a fanboy ;) but I have to use profanity?
Anyways, I just wanted to share that with the rest of the planet. This is what I'm planning on going in to, and I have to start somewhere. Please, though, if you have no idea who we are or what we're trying to do, just stay away. This is for people who are interested in what we're accomplishing (or trying to).

MediaWiki Installed!

Yes everyone, it's official: we have our own Wiki. In case you don't know what a wiki is, it's like an online enyclopedia, much like Wikipedia.
Here's the link,, and get to posting! Look forward to hearing from you or about you there!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Again, more gripes.

Ok, so here's where the test of time leads...I am going to release this alpha version but that's the end of our run with FPS Creator.
Most of our troubles right now is our apparent lack of
a) Interest
b) Humans
c) Food

What we're looking for is serious people and serious commitment. I'm talking on a scale of 1 to 10 type of person, with 1 being "I'm doing this for money" and 10 being "I want to do this for the rest of my life". I would rather take the latter choice. If you are serious or want to know what we're like without flaking out, you need to get in touch with me. Better yet, CALL ME.
Here's the 3dfx Development temporary line, 1-559-736-4163, and our secondary line, 1-559-625-1407.
Don't be afraid, and don't give up! We need YOU!

And on a personal note, I want to let everyone know that I think I was being very very mean to CheapAlert, who is a respected member of the Quake community. Cheap, if you come accross this, I'm very sorry for all the crap that I put you through. I see now why you're always quick to judge us, and I shouldn't have taken it the wrong way. Cheapalert, please forgive me and my team!
With that, look forward to that alpha and more later.

Monday, October 16, 2006

E2; DevUnited troubles; New Project

Okay, so there have been a lack of updates, but work has been going steadily into this alpha to make it look and play better than it ever did before. The game showcases new weapons (not stock weapons from FPSC) as well as new enemies, and a weapon that every Daikatana fan should looovvee (hint, hint).
Not much has been going on with my personal life...I met this girl named Megeane who is really fun and vibrant. I'm having fun hanging out with her, so other than that plus side of my life right now...really nothing!
Now if Anita would finish the damn Demon character we could move on...;)

Also, if you're wondering about the status of Hitler Gone Wild (the new game from Developers United), you're out of luck: we experienced a complete loss of his system due to Water Damage in the office (the damn cat knocked over a cup of water on the desk into the PC). This means that he doesn't have a PC right now (he's using a P3 OptiPlex atm) which means that the HGW data is either
1) Wiped Out
2) Recoverable
3) Totally Fucked
So we're hoping for option 2. You won't see as many updates at the DevUnited website anytime soon but be assured we're working hard to get his PC up and running!
Alas, keep up with the forums because THEY'RE DYING! Also a heads up to everyone who is noble enough to keep checking there every now and then!

In this possible "new project" we're working on...I didn't want to announce anything just yet until it's solid, but word is floating around the office that we want to make our own version of Mortal Kombat. Everyone's been hooked on the game (Mk2 for Genesis) so it didn't come as a suprise to me when Mike came up to me and asked if we could do a parody of Mortal Kombat. I had him research it and as it turns out, there is a game out there called OpenMortal, which is basically a fighting game, open source. A game with no additional coding, just a recreen of our own actors and a couple of tweaks and a game is born! We purchased a big blue screen and we're currently looking for nice video cameras to film with. If you know of anything, please email me @ It is appreciated!
We're very excited about the future that holds for us at 3dfx Development! Remember to bookmark us!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yay! Almost Done!

Okay, so here's a little bit of news on E2: the Alpha is almost done. I just have to go through and finalize some key level elements. The executable will be broken down into optomization pieces based on your computer's performance. The Alpha will include 3 levels (all playable), 4 weapons and numerous bad guys (can't say much about their AI, though). The Alpha, while having almost nothing to do with E2 itself, is more of a continuation thing for the team to get used to the software we will be (hopefully) using.
On a personal note, I just left my ex girlfriend about a week ago so there should be more coming from us here very soon.