Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finally Gaining Ground

Finally we're coming back from our long drought of nothingness. If you'd notice we have a new forum board set up, which you can access from this address: It's really awesome and easy-to-use software.
As far as the game development is concerned, I (Corbin) just recently hired some new staff members so the game should also start coming to life again. We're recently deciding if we want to even utilize the Unreal engine or if we want to switch to another, just as good open-source engine, which will remain unnamed.
I have also taken a look at our old BUILD engine version of Eradicator2, and I can say that it impresses me everytime I look at it. Too bad we abandoned it, but it would be fun to finish it on the side, while we're working on the main title. We've already got some other projects started (small mods, nothing commercial) and we ended one title (Defcon V: Millenium Edition) after interest wained in the project from the lead designer (not me, mind you).
I posted some new stuff at the message board, though. Worth checking out if you have time.
For now, farewell, I will see you all in the message boards, and thanks for your steadfast support for us.
3dfx Development