Thursday, April 09, 2009


We've finally begun work on the TDGMods Drupal website, which will be a content-rich way of showing our stuff off. Not only will this be helpful, it will give us all of the features we liked the most about in the old ModDB site. It will also allow everyone to upload content of their own (little mods, articles, etc). It'll be an easy and fun way to keep up with the project (as well as your own), which means that this blog is on its way of being phased out. The site will take a month or so to get all up and going.

We've also made deals with several other websites on ad space (aimed at Hypertension) once the TDGMods site goes online so we're really confident that it'll take off really quick.

Of course, the main attraction of the TDGMods site will be HYPERTENSION, which we won't be forgetting. This way we can reveal cool pieces of information, like how we perform some of the video editing, creature creation, coding, among several other things. You'll be able to step inside of our world to see just exactly what it takes to do this - and on such antiquated tech at that. Lots of behind the scenes stuff!

I'm working really close with the developers on the Drupal site so hopefully we'll see some real progress as we get ready to release a small demo sometime in the near future. . .