Monday, January 28, 2008

Irafan is CheapAlert, Leileilol, leilol...etc

Yeah, they're the same. Just in case anyone happens to hop on here from the WIP (or DW if they find this place) and wants to compare the guy from WIP to the same guy who's been trashing REU fruitlessly for the last 6 years (even so, who really cares so devoutly over that than he?). You think this guy would get a life by now?
You'd know what I'm talking about, just do a quick search through my blog, or when the site pops up, of his name. Guy's a jerk!!

Anyways, EDGE now supports security cameras, sort of. Kinda looks cool but mostly looks unfinished, it's better if you just use snapshots at this point, and sound works in Vista. Yes, it's amazing, Andy is a total God.

Well, I'll have more media of Fusion as filming continues (Graphic Novels) so stay tuned!